Naming the confectionery of the Historical Museum of Hungary after Geraldine Apponyi

In October 2017, while working on the exhibition dedicated to Queen Geraldine, the General Director of the Historical Museum of Hungary, Mr. Benedek Varga, introduced us to the idea of naming the museum confectionery after Geraldine Apponyi. Four years later, this idea became a reality and Ambassador Spasse had the pleasure of attending the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was attended by friends of Queen Geraldine's family, Mrs. Anikó Lévai, spouse of PM Orbán, museum staff and media journalists specialized in the areas of tourism and gastronomy. During his speech, Ambassador Spasse praised this action as a beautiful gesture of the Museum that carries the symbolic of Albanian-Hungarian friendship. He noted that next year, in addition to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Hungary, will mark also the 20th anniversary of the death of the White Rose of Budapest. He promised, he will ask the cooperation of the Museum for a joint memorial event. Geraldine Confectionery, administered by the Augustus family, famous for five generations for the production of confections, as of today can become a must visit landmark for all Albanian tourists visiting Budapest.

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