Skapi at the meeting of Foreign Ministers: Convinced that negotiations for Albania will be opened during the Slovenian presidency

The Secretary General of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Armand Skapi, represented Albania at the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Group of Visegrad 4 and the Wester Balkans 6. Skapi praised the support of the Visegrad Group for the opening of negotiations for Albania and Northern Macedonia, while expressing confidence that these negotiations will be opened during the Slovenian Presidency. "The delay in the integration process of the WB countries negatively affects not only the growing skepticism towards Europe of the societies of these countries, but also the threat to the security, stability and prosperity of the EU itself. However, the Albanian government will continue to deepen of reforms in the country as they are addressed first to the interests of Albanian citizens and not only commitments in the framework of the EU integration process", he said in his speech. He also stressed that Kosovo-Serbia talks with EU support should be finalized with an agreement on mutual recognition.

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