Ambassador's Curriculum Vitae

                                                               Dr. Nuri DOMI
    1966 - 1974 Basic Education. College "Irfan Hajrullaj", Peshkopi, Albania
    1974 - 1978 High School, Peshkopi, Albania
     1979 -1984 Faculty of Natural Sciences. Branch Special Physics. University of Tirana,Albania. Graduated as Physicist with very good results.
1986 - 1988 Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Albania.  Chemistry (Special Program).
                    (Certified in some main subjects of Chemistry with very good results).
1987 - 1989 Post graduated examinations in:
1. X-Ray Fluorescence, 2.General Radiometry, 3.Foreign Languages, with very good results.
1989 - Post graduated training, Sofia, Bulgaria.
1990 - International course for reactors functioning. Tirana, Albania.
1992 - Diplomacy course. Centre of studies and Applied Negotiations. Geneva, Switzerland.
1993 - Diplomacy in action. Professors from State Department. Tirana, Albania.
1993 - International course on international relations and negotiations. Hague, Netherlands.
1994 - 1996 The role of adequate structures and Internet in diplomacy. Stockholm, Sweden.
1996 - Internet and Diplomacy, Malta.
1997 - Diplomacy and European Issues. Institute G. Stresemann, Bon, Germany.
2018 (16 weeks) - Commercial and Economic Diplomacy,Harvard University, John F. Kenedy School of Government, USA
1984 – 1991. Scientific researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tirana, Albania.
1991- 1992. Supervisor of a University Research DIPLOMA.
1985 – 1991. Professor of General Physics. Faculty of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Engineering.
1989 – 1991. Conductor and speaker of a scientific program on Albanian TV.
1991 – 1992. Chief of X-Ray Fluorescence Department. Institute of Nuclear Physics. Tirana, Albania.
1992.  Big competition at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for new diplomats. Classified: The First
1992 – 1996.  Desk officer for the majority of European countries and ex-Soviet Union.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania.
1996 – 1997. Director of European Department. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania.
1997 – 1999. Charge d'Affaires of Albania in Spain.
1999 – 2001. Counsellor of the Albanian Embassy in Madrid, Spain.
2002 – 2007. NATO, civil administration.
2007 – 2009. Director of Asia, Africa and Latin America Department. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tirana, Albania.
2009 – 2014 Ambassador of Albania to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, African Union, League of Arab States
 2014 - 2016 Head of Albanian Embassy to UAE.
2016- 2018 Head of Albanian Embassy to BRAZIL.
2018- 2021 Director of Human Resources and Diplomatic Academy, Min for Europe and Foreign Affairs
2021(September) - Head of Albanian Embassy to QATAR
Scientific Degree
Doctor of Science.
1. outside Albania.
X-Ray Spectrometry. USA.1991
2. inside Albania.
Encyclopaedia: Highlighted minds of humankind. 600 pages. Big format. Edited in
Albania, 2005.
3. in progress:
History through its actors. Book. Big format.
Under the process of publication.
1. the most beautiful life of the world. Book. Published in 2006.
Foreign Languages:
Understands: Italian, Bulgarian (with difficulties)
Minor knowledge: German, French, Arabic
General Data:
Born 10.10.1959. Diber, Albania.
Status: Married.
Children: Two sons.

Postal Address

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Doha, Qatar.

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