“Open Day” opportunities on studying abroad for the youth of Gjirokastra

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  in cooperation with foreign Embassies accredited in Albania, this time moved to the city of knowledge and wisdom, Gjirokastra, where yesterday was held the event “Open Day: Scholarship Opportunities for Albanian Students of Excellence in Gjirokastra district ".

This event gathered the attention and interest of more than 300 young students and graduates of secondary schools of Gjirokastra district as well as students wishing to be informed about the opportunities which not only neighboring countries such as Italy and Greece, but also countries such as Austria, Germany or Great Britain, offer at all levels of graduate and post-graduate studies.

Deputy Minister Odeta Barbullushi as a former beneficiary of education at foreign universities, while having a conversation with the young participants, underlined that "the importance of acquiring knowledge from important educational centers of the world, knowledge which we aim that Albanian students bring back to their homeland in implementing their valuable experience for the good of the country"- she added.

Along the same line, Minister Kumbaro stressed that “the commendable initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not intend to deprive the country of its great minds, but after accumulating experience in the world's most prestigious universities, this group of excellent students return to their country and contribute to the further development of the Albanian society”.

This activity is part of the opening of the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for young people, a process which has already started 3 years ago, with the establishment of the Center of Excellence, a space of research and implementing projects related with projects of the Ministry, and beyond. In addition, the MFA has continued to organize similar activities to promote and support the Albanian youth, such as the wiki academy, a project that serves to train young people in the use of digital platforms.

After the interest which the activity of the Open Day regarding scholarships had aroused in Tirana, Shkodra and Elbasan, the activity of Gjirokastra highlighted even more the commitment of young Albanians and their goodwill to study and overcome any difficulties, at the same time fulfilling a dream to study in the most reputable institutions in the region and wider.

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