100 years of diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic/ Minister Xhaçka: Their support, is essential for the advancement of our European agenda

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic held an activity in the context of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and what was once known as Czechoslovakia.
In her welcoming speech, Minister Xhaçka said that Albania is grateful to the Czech Republic and Slovakia for their pro-active role in advocating and accelerating our path towards the EU.
“Albania considers the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic as two “strong advocates” in our journey towards the EU. Their voices, as part of the Visegrad Group, have been very important in terms of Albania’s advancement in its European agenda. We therefore welcome the continuation of our close and constructive cooperation, especially during the next Czech Presidency of the EU, in the second half of this year, to strengthen our efforts for an even closer and quicker integration of Albania with the EU. “, said Minister Xhaçka.
The Ambassador of the Czech Republic Karel Urban, expressed the unwavering support of the Czech Republic for the European integration processes of Albania.
“I hope that the first Intergovernmental Conference will take place in June. I am confident that the Czech Presidency will do its hardest to continue and bring the process forward, especially taking into consideration the sad events in Ukraine,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Slovak Republic Peter Spišiak stated that the Albania-Slovakia relations are based on common values ​​and priorities that will lead the two countries to work together in the coming years.
“Our mutual cooperation continues during Albania’s membership in the UN Security Council. Slovakia has always been a strong promoter of EU enlargement and a strong supporter of Albania on its path to the EU,” he said.
Diplomatic relations between Albania and Czechoslovakia were established in 1922, where as a member of the League of Nations, Albania was looking to increase the number of its allies and partners, both in terms of diplomatic and economic ties. On January 1, 1993, Albania recognized the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic as two independent countries and established diplomatic relations with each of them.

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