110th anniversary of Independence, Minister Xhaçka: Today, Albania is a significant contributor to the challenges affecting the whole world

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, congratulated all Albanians in and outside the country on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Independence and Flag Day.
Minister Xhaçka emphasized that this is a moment of pride for all Albanians, but also a moment to reflect on the achievements and the work that needs to be carried forward.
“Today, Albania is a completely different reality. Our country, our nation is on the right side of history just like 110 years ago when Albanians triumphed in their struggle for independence. Today, Albania is a member of NATO, started negotiations with the EU, sits on the UN Security Council and is contributing in some of the most important issues that the world is facing”, said the Minister in a social media post.
On November 28, 1912, the Assembly of Vlora was held with 37 delegates from all over Albania. The elected chairman was Ismail Qemali, who declared that only way that Albania would be saved was by declaring independence, creating a government, and sending a delegation to defend the Albanian cause to the Great Powers.

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