140th anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren: An orientation model towards the future, European belonging and consolidated democracy

The great mentor Aleks Buda reminds us that over the course of time and centuries, there are events that make peoples question: Where do we go now? “In this historical crossroad, the establishment of the Albanian League in Prizren on June 10, 1878 was the response of the Albanian people to this question. It was a historical moment when the nation’s representatives declared their unwavering determination to fight for national rights and laid the foundations of this political organization, which for three consecutive years led the peoples’ struggle for the liberation from centuries-long foreign invaders, for the protection of their territories and for the unification into a single, autonomous and unified nation,” wrote Aleks Buda.                                            

Today, on the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the Albanian League of Prizren, Albanians in Albania, Kosovo and the entire region are again facing a big dilemma of what direction their political, social and cultural life should take. Although different from the historical context but the same for the determination and orientation towards the future, the response is only one: deepening of democracy and our common European prospect, strengthening of the rule of law and strengthening of our European identity are not only some of our engagements but also the promise we have to make to ourselves

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