212 Afghans depart for US, Xhaçka: It was an honor to help our allies in time of need

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, and the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim, were present at the departing ceremony to the USA of 212 Afghans, who took refuge in Albania for 6 months, after fleeing the war in their country.
According to Minister Xhaçka, the operation to host 2,400 Afghan citizens has further strengthened Albania’s alliance and friendship with the United States.
“This is the end of an operation, for which we undoubtedly gave everything, we gave our heart and mind. We saw you and welcomed you as guests, but you also became our friends. Today our friends are leaving. I hope that you always have a good memory of this country, of Albania, of its people and that in the future you will return to visit us. This operation, the evacuation and sheltering you here, did not only help you, but I believe that it also helped us”, said the Albanian chief diplomat.
Ambassador Kim valued Albania for its contribution in welcoming Afghan citizens that were fleeing the war.
“What I have learned in my two years here in Albania is that the Albanian people take very seriously the responsibility of welcoming a stranger in need and to make you feel that you are truly a guest. In your darkest moment, when you are cold, when you are hungry, or thirsty, an Albanian will open the door wide and give you the last crumbs of bread, the last grains of salt and all that they hold in their hearts. It is a matter of honor. Therefore, thank you to our Albanian hosts “, said the US ambassador in Tirana.
Albania is one of the first countries to open its doors to Afghans, offering them shelter and protection as they fled the horror in their country created by the war. As of August 26, 2,400 Afghan citizens arrived in our country, 600 of whom have left for the USA, Canada and in European countries.

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