Acting Minister Cakaj meets with representatives of member countries, COWEB in Brussels: The reforms undertaken responsibility towards Albanian citizens

During his stay in Brussels, the Acting Minister Cakaj attended a working morning with representatives of member countries at the Council, in the COWEB group. Minister Cakaj thanked the representatives for the continuous support of the member countries along the European path of our country.

He briefed in detail on the progress in meeting the five key priorities and assured them to move forward resolutely the reforms undertaken not only as part of Brussels’s demands but as a responsibility to Albanian citizens.

Acting Minister Cakaj highlighted the irreversible progress of judicial reform as a safe basis for further results in other priorities as well.  He expressed confidence that Albania’s assessment by member states will be objective and fair. This assessment, he said, is important and encouraging for Albania in its path to consolidating reforms and advancing integration processes.

Acting Minister Cakaj mentioned as part of the European vocation the constructive and proactive role of Albania in the region and full alignment with the European Union’s foreign and security policy.

Representatives from different countries at COWEB were interested in knowing more about the current situation in Albania, the region and its relations with neighboring countries. They praised the steps taken by our country in the field of five priorities and the good results achieved so far.

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