Activity on: "Fight against radicalization and violent extremism through education" held in New York

In the framework of the UN General Assembly proceedings held in New York, Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati attended the event on the "Fight against radicalization and violent extremism through education". This activity was initiated by Albania, in cooperation with the United States, the Vatican, Jordan, Morocco and UNESCO.

Participants shared views on the progress and coordination of joint efforts in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, the role of law enforcement agencies, education, media, religious communities and measures taken by the respective governments in this regard.

Minister Bushati informed participants about the commitment and contribution of our country in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, focusing on extra steps Albania is taking to prevent the causes of radicalization, particularly in introducing curricula on religious tolerance in textbooks and strengthening the role of educational institutions, as contributors to social cohesion.

The Albanian government pays great attention to the role of education in facing the phenomenon, considering schools not only as educational institutions, but also as catalysts for development and social cohesion. “Education is perhaps the most comprehensive and long-term action where our governments need to invest to build a stronger and resistant future generation in facing such threats." Minister Bushati underscored.

Focusing on challenges and results achieved in the fight against this phenomenon, Minister Bushati noted that "Albania has been firmly engaged in the global efforts to counter radicalisation and violent extremism, at home and abroad. We have in fact zeroed the number of foreign fighters. Nevertheless, as the global coalition against DAESH makes progress, Albania, like the rest of the countries of the region, is now dealing with the challenge of returnees."

Participants reiterated the importance of continuing with the coordination of global efforts in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, as well as the drafting and implementation of special strategic, social, political, legal, educational and economic packages which have resulted successful in tackling the phenomenon.

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