Books of Faik Konica are Handed Over to the National Library

On the day before the opening of the Diaspora Summit, the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the National Library, organized a Ceremony for the Hand Over of Faik Koica Books. The collection of Faik Konica’s books were symbolically entrusted as a gift to Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati from the ‘Saint George’ Cathedral and Fan Noli’s Library from Boston, during his visit in the USA.

Their hand-over gives life to the last will of Faik Konica, who wanted them to be part of the National Library fund, and fulfills the commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairsto bring them to Tirana. On his opening remarks, Minister Bushati spoke highly of the personality of Faik Konica, as one of the most decent diplomats and one of the most distinguished representatives of the Albanian community in the USA. He also referred particularly to the role of the Albanian Diaspora in shaping the Albanian nation and its contribution to the country at some critical times. The Minister also emphasized that in order to re-establish a new and more structured relationship with the Diaspora, the Albanian Government will organize the first Summit of Albanian Diaspora tomorrow in Tirana (18-20 November).

Minister of Culture Kumbaro noted that the intellectual and diplomat Faik Konica has left a strong mark in the history of Albanian literature and diplomacy. She thanked Minister Bushati for his commitment and continuous support in fulfilling Konica’s last will through cooperation between the two ministries, bringing some of the books of Faik Konica’s library to the Albanian National Library, which were collected thanks to the contribution of Mr. Agron Alibali, a representative of the Albanian community in the United States.

The activities conducted as part of the Diaspora Week, included the opening of an exhibition on Our National Identity and Diaspora at the National Library. The exhibition reflected the activity of the Albanian diaspora in the world in preserving, developing, and promoting the national values, and its role in the development of the country.

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