Bushati in Berlin: courageous vision of Germany for the development of the region

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, attended the 8th Session of the Foreign Ministers of Southeast Europe held in Berlin, under the auspices of the German Foreign Minister and the Aspen Institute.

In his intervention, Minister Bushati highlighted the dynamic and stabilizing role of Albania, in order to achieve a regional cooperation with concrete and positive effects on the lives of our citizens. Analyzing the progress made in the framework of the Berlin process and recent developments in the region, Minister Bushati stated that “Should not be forgotten that the rule of law and economic development are two sides of the same coin”.

Minister Bushati dwelled on the positive developments in the country, by confirming the determination to continue with the implementation of the justice reform, which will have a positive impact on the progress in meeting all key priorities.

“Recent developments in the country make us optimistic about creating favorable conditions within 2017 so as Albania gets the green light from member countries to sit on the EU negotiating table” stressed Minister Bushati.

German Minister Sigmar Gabriel expressed the concern arising in Germany about the fact that in some countries of the region the European Union does not exert the same attraction force. “The danger is that citizens of the region to see the accession process as a sacrifice and difficult process of reforms which exacerbate the less favored part of society, especially young people, who are facing the challenge of unemployment” Gabriel underscored.

So we need to change the approach, Minister Gabriel, as far as the development of the Western Balkans is concerned focusing on those ideas and instruments that increase the absorption of investment from the countries of the region. In this context, Minister Gabriel expressed Germany's readiness on making available to countries in the region new financial instruments for the implementation of infrastructure projects, for investing in new technologies and for the development of professional training for the youth.

The two ministers agreed on the need for a cohesive approach of the European Union member states in order to overcome the democracy crisis in the region and threats from third factors that aim to divert the pace of reforms and the Euro-Atlantic course.

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