Bushati: The European perspective of the Western Balkans, a guarantee for a Europe capable of meeting the challenges

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati during his official visit to the Netherlands attended an event organized by the Hague Center for Strategic Studies and the Albanian Embassy in the Netherlands, where he shared with Dutch parliamentarians, opinion makers and diplomats, the European perspective not only of Albania but of all countries of the Western Balkans.

"Since the very first moment Albania started it post-communist journey, the main national priority has been and remained to get closer and ultimately join the European Union. We have always made it clear that our path towards the EU is undisputable. There is no alternative for the Balkans to the inclusion as the last piece of the European puzzle. Albania has made progress in meeting priorities, the fulfillment of which strengthens the foundations of a functioning democracy based on the rule of law and in a developed economy, capable of bringing prosperity to the citizens”, the minister said in his speech.

The Minister made a panorama of Albania's reforms and achievements on its pathway  to Europe from the first years after the 90s to the present day when Albania is approaching to opening membership talks.

According to him, it is time for the EU to open its doors to the Western Balkans, for Europe to get stronger. "Relations with the EU and the perspective of European integration are key to the stability and progress of reforms in the Western Balkans," the minister said, adding that many of the challenges that Western Balkans are facing today are the same for other countries, including EU member states. Consequently, only by working together, Europe can be stronger to face these challenges, to guarantee security, social welfare, and prosperity for its citizens.

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