Bushati in France: enhanced cooperation on migration flows, security and integration

In the framework of his visit to Paris, Minister Bushati held a meeting with the French Minister of Interior Gérard Collomb.

Following the meeting of Prime Minister Rama with President Macron last week in Trieste, the two ministers had a very positive exchange of views on the relations between France and Albania, cooperation in the field of security, Albania's reforms in the field of rule of law, which relate also with the process of integration of our country into the EU.

Ministers focused on the situation created by increasing asylum applications in France, including unaccompanied minors. At the initiative of Albania, the parties agreed to implement an action plan to reinforce measures for reducing asylum applications by Albanian citizens within a quarterly time frame. One of the measures is the stationing in Albania of French police officers to conduct joint operations with our border police.

"We are aware of the rights and obligations arising from the free movement in the Schengen area and very determined not to tolerate abusive asylum requests," Minister Bushati said at the end of the meeting.

Following, Minister Collomb emphasized that France is ready to offer its support in this regard. "Albania is a safe country, and I wish to welcome the ambitious action plan and the will of the Albanian government," Collomb underlined.

Minister Bushati briefed Minister Collomb on the progress of key reforms for opening EU accession negotiations, focusing on the implementation of the vetting law and the impact that justice reform will have on security.

Furthermore, Albania and France will further enhance cooperation in the fight against terrorism within the framework of the Strategic Partnership signed this year between the two countries.

At the conclusion of his visit, Minister Bushati met also with the European Affairs Minister, Nathalie Loiseau.

Minister Loiseau voiced that justice reform remains key to rule of law and will be transformational in other areas as well. "France will continue to encourage and support you in this regard," Loiseau underscored.

Minister Bushati, for his part, stated that in the broader context of Albania's relations with the EU, the moment has come to continue with the next step in the European integration process. "We wish and hope to have France‘s support to make of the negotiation period the great transformation yard we need," Bushati said.

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