Bushati meets with Macedonian counterpart Dimitrov: meeting of two governments to be held soon

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati received today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov, who is paying an official visit in Tirana.

Minister Bushati extended his satisfaction for this visit and for the quick contacts he has had the chance to establish with the Macedonian counterpart, shortly after the new Macedonian Government took office, which shows good neighborly relations and the importance that both countries dedicate to deepening of bilateral and regional cooperation. "Following the meeting and the agreement of the two prime ministers, Rama and Zaev, in Trieste, we have reached an agreement to hold the first joint meeting of governments, to take place next fall in Pogradec. This will be an important step to facilitate the strategic projects that are also supported by international community "- Minister Bushati highlighted during the press conference that followed tête-à-tête meeting and extended bilateral talks.

On behalf of the Albanian Government, Minister Bushati welcomed the determination of the new Macedonian authorities to overcome the crisis, guaranteeing the strengthening of stability and of rule of law, continuation of reforms and restoring FYROM's accession process to NATO and the European Union.

After assuring his counterpart for the continued support of our country towards the Euro-Atlantic path of Macedonia, Minister Bushati expressed confidence that the implementation of the new Macedonian government's ambitious program will guarantee progress and prosperity of all citizens of the country. In addition, Minister Bushati stated that "Albania wishes to develop more consolidated relations and a new cooperation project that values how the commitments between our countries are implemented in practice".

In this context, Minister Bushati encouraged the advancement of the overall rights of Albanians in Macedonia as a state-building population. "Achieving equality as a governing concept between Albanians and Macedonians in accordance with the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Declaration of Albanian Parliamentary Parties constitutes a key factor for the development and strengthening of a democratic, multiethnic Macedonia integrated into NATO and the EU".

Minister Dimitrov, for his part, praised the support that Albania has shown towards Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic co-operation and integration, emphasizing the commitment of his country's government to continue the intensification of the reforms recommended by the European Commission to moving toward this goal. In the context of bilateral relations, Minister Dimitrov voiced the belief that: "There are many potentialities and bridges of cooperation between the two countries, which will help us move forward towards integration, and we must work decisively across the Balkans. It is of great importance because we agree to do more than just political statements, and we want to move to concrete projects for the benefit of the citizens of our countries. Political will is important to realize more important projects."

Likewise, the two counterparts stopped discussing recent developments in the region, pointing to the importance of inclusiveness in regional forums, in the direct interest of deepening regional cooperation and the common Euro-Atlantic path.

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