Bushati at the OSCE Ministerial: Building Trust through Dialogue and Co-operation

Minister Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati attended the OSCE Ministerial which was held on the 11th of July 2017 in Mauerbach, in Austria, which holds the OSCE chairmanship.

The Ministerial was an opportunity to assess the current security situation in Europe, as well as to re-assess the role of the OSCE, an organization that is suffering more than any other institution the consequences of lack of confidence in the member countries' cooperation mechanisms.

For several months, the OSCE has failed to make important decisions regarding its governing positions.

Minister Bushati highlighted that “unpredictability is currently affecting security in Europe and this has hurt the OSCE’s distinct culture of cooperation that is at the core of the OSCE. Therefore, we should be aware that “dialogue is a way to increase our understanding about the security situation, but is not meant to lead to a rewrite of our rules and not lead to endless consultations in search of consensus” - Minister Bushati underscored.

In the debate dedicated to “Prevention of violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism”, Minister Bushati also noted Albania’s contribution in coping with these phenomena, so as to have a safer Europe, more peaceful and more integrated.

“Cooperation in the security field should not be taken for granted. It is based on rules, principles and commitments. And breaking them hurts the efficiency of the OSCE.” Minister Bushati voiced.

From the OSCE Ministerial, Minister Bushati will travel to Trieste where will be held the 4th Summit of the Western Balkans  in the framework of the Berlin Process. 

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