Deputy Minister Dralo attended the 2nd Conference on "Religious Pluralism and cultural and peaceful coexistence in the Middle East "

Deputy. Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Artemis Dralo, attended the II Conference on "Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Co-existence in Middle East," held on October 29th –October 31st  2017 in Athens.

The conference focused on a consideration of all dimensions and aspects of ongoing conflicts in the Middle East region. The elaboration of the best ways to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of various religious and cultural communities and promote coexistence peaceful understanding of mutual understanding were on focus as well.

The conference provided an opportunity for the opening of a comprehensive dialogue among all of the regional and international actors, with particular emphasis on the protection of human life, tolerance, pluralism, peaceful coexistence, multiculturalism and multi-religiosity. 

The President of the Greek Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, senior representatives of various countries and international organizations, heads of Christian religion, as well as Muslim and Jewish religious leaders attended this conference.

In her address, Deputy Minister Dralo, conveyed our experience in developing a dialogue that fosters the approach, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence between the various religious and cultural communities in our country

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