EU ministerial meeting in Bratislava, reinforced interaction with candidate countries in addressing security challenges

At the invitation of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati attended the informal meeting of EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Gymnich) held in Bratislava on 3 September 2016.

Invited at this meeting were also Foreign Ministers of EU candidate countries. Discussions focused on developments in Turkey, Ukraine crisis and the EU Global Strategy, talks with candidate countries as well as the fight against terrorism and radicalism.

Minister Bushati expressed Albania’s support in addressing common security challenges and threats currently facing the EU and our region. He recalled some important aspects of the steps our country has taken in the fight against terrorism and radicalism and reiterated the need for reinforced interaction with the EU on these initiatives.

Moreover, Minister Bushati underlined the importance of establishing a Regional Center in Tirana to counter violent extremism, with EU support and the participation of representatives from across the region.

He also dwelt on the need for a greater EU presence in the Western Balkan countries, thus reinforcing political and economic support for the European perspective of the region.

Minister Bushati praised the pragmatic approach of the EU Global Strategy, which highlights the important role of the Western Balkans with regard to challenges facing today's security environment.

"In these troubled times, it is important that our shared success is not taken for granted. Frozen or incomplete democratic processes in our region can soon make our countries exhibit symptoms of instability and disunity, which in fact, are incited elsewhere”, Minister Bushati stated.

Focusing on the impact of the judicial reform, he underscored that: "Economic growth and security cannot be achieved without justice. Albania has adopted a comprehensive judicial reform that we hope will mark a new step forward in our EU accession process and serve as a model for other aspiring countries".

"The quality of implementation of the judicial reform is important not only within the country for its impact on the rule of law in economy, fight against corruption and organized crime, but also for tangible results in the fight against terrorism and radicalism", Minister Bushati stated.

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