Germany in support of judicial reform

Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is paying a visit to Tirana.

Parties reaffirmed the excellent relations between Albania and Germany, as well as the common will to further intensify them in all areas of cooperation. Ministers also focused on the importance of adopting the judicial reform, latest developments in the region, security challenges and the European path of the Western Balkans.

Minister Steinmeier noted that Albania is an important partner for Germany and plays a special role in the region. In this context, ministers highlighted the positive impact of the Berlin Process, which has materialized a reinforced cooperation in the region.

Minister Bushati informed his German counterpart on the latest developments in the country and commitment of the Albanian government to adopt the judicial reform, which is of primary importance to strengthening rule of law in the country and has direct impact on Albania’s advancement in the European integration process.

"The judicial reform is our chance to overcome the point of no return. This project aims at the ultimate detachment from the transition era. It does not serve the contentment of political parties, nor the safety of one or the other. The reform seeks to bring the justice system to meet the demands of Albanians, as the cornerstone of all our efforts for a European Albania", Minister Bushati stated.

On his part, Minister Steinmeier reiterated Germany's continued support for the reforms’ process undertaken by the Albanian government in view of the country's European path. Moreover, he underlined the need to adopt the judicial reform at the Parliament, noting that "without the judicial reform, Albania’s integration process to the European Union cannot gain new momentum".

Minister Bushati focused on the quality of this reform and its “strong impact on strengthening rule of law in economy, the fight against corruption, organized crime, terrorism and radicalism". "Albania has clear obligations, in order to provide necessary support and take the next step, that of a positive recommendation for the opening of EU accession negotiations." he underscored.

Minister Steinmeier dwelt on Albania’s potential to become, through the adoption of this reform, the region’s forerunner in reshaping the justice sector in terms of the rule of law.

Hoping for the judicial reform to be adopted, without creating obstacles that will have consequences for the European path of the country, Minister Steinmeier stated that "the reform does not always get gratitude, for often times there is harsh criticism and perhaps its cost can be reflected in the elections. I have learned that in opposition, you cannot always win by refusing. There are situations in which a government would have to take necessary risks to move the country forward, but the same goes for the opposition. Not think of short-term advantages, but long-term ones, to the benefit of the country ".

Furthermore, ministers underlined the importance of further strengthening regional and multilateral cooperation, as well as coordinating joint efforts to face security challenges.

In the framework of this visit, some archival documents on bilateral diplomatic relations were displayed at the MFA premises.

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