Holocaust Remembrance Day, Minister Xhaçka: Albania’s experience with the Jews, an example of tolerance and peaceful coexistence

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs hosted an event in observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which included an exhibition with photos of Jews sheltered in Albania and archival records that documented the rescue of Jews from Nazism in Albania before and during World War II.
The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, stressed in her speech the need for increased vigilance in the battle against racism and anti-Semitism in all of its forms.
According to her, the fight against anti-Semitism requires an active approach by governments to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and to educate with the values of humanity and anti-discrimination.
“Albania’s experience during World War II shows what we can achieve when we defend human values in the face of racism and hatred. Albania became a safe haven for Jews, the only one in Europe where the number of Jews after the war increased almost tenfold. It is appropriate to remember this Albanian story of the rescue of the Jews not only because it makes us rightly proud but also because it teaches us how to defend human values, fight hatred, and combat anti-Semitism. The example of the Albanians during the war shows us the way to build a more tolerant and non-divisive world. We have placed at the center of our work in the Security Council, the protection of human rights as the foundation of the peaceful coexistence of peoples,” she said.
Participants in the activity were the diplomatic body accredited in Tirana, various deputies, Fatmir Veseli, the son of Refik Veseli, who is known for his contribution to the protection of Jews, the president of the Israel-Albania Friendship Association, Felicita Jakoel, etc.

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