Justice and peace go together, and Albania remains fully committed in this respect

This is the third decade of the third Millennium. The world is in turmoil and we continue to witness unspeakable cruelty, with more than fifty conflicts around the globe. Democracy and human rights have been seriously challenged in various parts of the world.
For far too long, we have watched mass human rights abuses, from Darfur – to Myanmar; from Afghanistan to Syria and the international community is struggling to hold perpetrators of serious crimes to account.
In Europe, the wounds of the wars following the dissolution of Former Yugoslavia, including particularly in Kosovo, are still open. We are doing everything we can to look ahead, without forgetting the past, but committed to building a common future.
Russia’s war in Ukraine has challenged European security and has shaken the rules-based world order. We cannot and must not become familiar with impunity.
There is urgency to act, now, for the countless victims of senseless conflicts but also for us, all, for what we stand, for what gets us together, to uphold the law, to preserve multilateralism.
We all have a role to play, a part to do.
It is for this reason that the first signature event of Albania during its first ever Presidency of the United Nations Security Council, which I will have the honor to chair on 2d of June, is dedicated to “Strengthening Accountability and Justice for serious violations of international law”.
There is no greater value than the UN could promote than justice and the rule of law. Albania promotes it nationally; it defends it internationally.
Justice and peace go together, and Albania remains fully committed in this respect.

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