Minister Bushati celebrates the 105th anniversary of Independence and Liberation Day in the U.S.

During his stay in the U.S., Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati, attended the reception organized by the Albanian Embassy on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Independence and Liberation Day. This year, the reception was held at the Library of American Congress and attended by Kosovo First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Hoyt Brian Yee, Senator Gary Peters and Congressman Eliot Engel, co-chairmen of Albanian Issues Caucus, former U.S ambassadors who served in Albania and many compatriots as well.

In his address, Minister Bushati praised the excellent relations of strategic partnership between the two countries. These relations are based on common interests and same viewpoints in terms of security in Europe and the transatlantic community, as well as on shared values and beliefs. "Although a small country, Albania stands alongside the United States in the fight against terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism. Our distinct story of religious tolerance is a special asset that we use to prevent these phenomena and global threats", - Minister Bushati underlined.

The U.S Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Hoyt Lee conveyed the best wishes to the Albanian people on behalf of the American government and people. "This is certainly a day to be celebrated",- he said. 105 years of Independence, but also a quarter-century of successful and fruitful cooperation between Albania and the United States, a dynamic friendship which becomes each day stronger. Today we also celebrate your progress towards European integration, where we are looking forward to seeing you as a member. You are in NATO and at the same time you are an example for the region. You look forward and not backwards, building a future and creating new opportunities for your youth”.

Senator Peters focused on the very important relationship between the United States and Albania, in the function of which, in the US Senate has been established the Albanian Issues Caucus, to strengthen and further enhance these ties. He thanked Albanians anywhere in the world for the support they have given to the cause of liberty. On his side, Congressman Engel pointed out the special friendship that Albanians have with the American people, "which you can find nowhere else in the world", - he stressed. He also praised the contribution that Albanian Diaspora in the U.S, has given to American culture.

With the support of MEFA and in cooperation with the Central State Archives, were exposed online, at the Congress Library, the Purple Codices of Berat, which are already part of the World Digital Library.

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