Minister Bushati receives the OSCE/ODIHR delegation: Political forces in Albania have the political will to develop a deep and comprehensive electoral reform

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, received at MEFA OSCE/ ODIHR monitoring mission for the June 25th general elections in Albania, led by Ambassador Peter Taylor.

Minister Bushati thanked the mission of OSCE / ODIHR observers who monitored the elections in Albania, at the invitation of the Albanian Government. He also thanked them for the work done for the preparation of the final report. He considered the June 25th elections as the best elections in the post-transition period. The political climate created by the agreement between the two leaders of the main political forces in the country, created the right conditions not only for the involvement of the opposition in these elections, but also for higher standards of elections.

Minister Bushati informed the OSCE / ODIHR delegation that the political forces in Albania have expressed their willingness to develop a deep and comprehensive electoral reform in the country. They have also established an appropriate parliamentary commission for the development of this reform. It is of interest that the spirit of political consensus for electoral reform will continue until its realization, on the eve of the upcoming local elections. Minister Bushati also welcomed the EU-OSCE / ODIHR initiative to develop a reform of the electoral system throughout the Western Balkans region, which will also serve the reform launched in Albania.

The Ambassador Taylor thanked the Albanian government for the support given to the fulfillment of their mission to observe the general parliamentary elections in Albania. He also thanked the Albanian government for the opportunity created for the presentation of the final report. We praise, he said, the development of the debate in the country for the improvement of the electoral system, the establishment of an appropriate parliamentary commission for elections. These will help us to undertake the appropriate electoral reform, based on the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations. Ambassador Taylor said that ODCE/ODIHR is willing to cooperate with all the agents in Albania for the realization of the electoral reform in the country.

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