Minister Bushati visits Greece

Foreign Affairs Minister Ditmir Bushati conducted a visit to Greece on 21-22 March 2016. At the first day of his visit, he met with President Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Speaker of the Parliament Nikos Voutsis and his counterpart, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Kotzias.

Meeting between the two foreign ministers focused on continuing the already started process of addressing inherited issues, no longer taboos, and finding satisfactory solutions to both countries. Current and common future affairs, economic cooperation, developments in the region and European integration of Western Balkans were important topics of their discussion as well. Parties emphasized the importance of continuing the dialogue between the two governments, in the spirit of strengthening confidence and in need to concrete actions to advance towards solutions to bilateral issues.

Both ministers shared the same vision that consolidation of ongoing relations of strategic importance between our two neighboring countries, both NATO members, and closer in view of European perspective, is significant not only at the bilateral level. It also serves to a region determined to look ahead and build, through cooperation, its European future. Minister Bushati praised and thanked Greece for its role and support to the integration process of Albania and the Western Balkan countries.
At the meeting with President Pavlopoulos, Minister Bushati underlined the special attention that Albania attaches to strengthening strategic cooperation with Greece as two neighboring and NATO member countries, both with a considerable weight in the region. "Stemming from this perspective, we would like to make further steps forward in addressing some issues of historical background, untreated for decades, in parallel with current events and issues of common future", Minister Bushati said. Following, while addressing bilateral issues, Minister Bushati stated that: “I rely on my full conviction that the Greek party will be advancing on the abrogation of the law of war, to give us the opportunity to close historical issues dating back to Word War II”. President Pavlopoulos expressed willingness to continue to build good relations between our two countries and peoples, to the benefit of the joint Euro-Atlantic future.
At the meeting with the Speaker of the Greek Parliament Nikos Voutsis, parties shared the same view on the importance and role that Parliaments can have in deepening and consolidating bilateral relations. In this context, Minister Bushati showed confidence on the Greek Parliament that it will support any legal initiative bound to strengthen bilateral legal framework as a demonstration of the good will of both our peoples. Interlocutors expressed full confidence in developing bilateral relations, to the benefit of our peoples, peace, security and development throughout the region.


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On the second day of his stay in Greece, Minister Bushati had a meeting with the president of the New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Talks dwelt on the latest developments in Albania and Greece, the situation in the region and beyond. The president of the New Democracy, Mitsotakis introduced Minister Bushati with the difficulties Greece is facing and the role of this political force in coping with the crisis. Minister Bushati pointed out the attention that Albania places to developments in Greece and expressed solidarity for the difficult times that our neighbor is going through.   

Both shared the same view that continuous strengthening of the strategic relations between our two countries, neighboring and both NATO member countries, as well closer in terms of European integration and prospect, is of vital importance at the bilateral level and serves to the European future of the region. 

Minister Bushati underlined the strategic importance of the bilateral relations and the special attention that Albania puts to further deepening of such a relationship. He underscored the need for an open communication with all the actors in both sides in the spirit of strengthening confidence.  

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Minister Bushati was also a special guest to the Greek Foundation for the Foreign and European Policy, ELIAMEP to speak about the importance of the Albanian–Greek relations in the current context. 

This event was attended by representatives of the Diplomatic Corps to Greece, pundits, journalists and experts of bilateral relations. 

In his address, Minister Bushati emphasized the historical dimension of bilateral relations, the interdependence of this vital strategic relation for our two peoples, the Albanian European pathway and the region. 

He also highlighted the importance of continuing the already started project, of addressing with no taboos and finding solutions to the inherited pending issues, current events and those of our common future, economic cooperation, regional development and European integration of the Western Balkans. “ Before we can build anything substantial Albania and Greece must first end the Second World War” - Minister Bushati underscored. 

Concluding, Minister Bushati replied to questions and interests of the Diplomatic Corps, journalists and pundits of bilateral relations on the situation in the region and the European perspective of our country.

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