Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, launched today at Tirana Business Park the proceedings of the three-day meeting with the Albanian Ambassadors in the world “Redefining Economic Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities”

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati launched today at Tirana Business Park, the proceedings of the three-day meeting with the albanian ambassadors around the World "Redefining Albanian Economic Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities".

In his speech, Minister Bushati pointed out the need for economic diplomacy in the function of citizens' welfare and security. For this reason, he continued, "the best example is the European Union, where prosperity and cooperation between countries in the function of economic development, has provided the greatest longevity of peace and security in the history of our continent."

For the Minister Bushati, the diplomatic service should overcome itself and the things it can do well, such as verbal grades, telegrams as well as diplomatic and consular communication among the similars. It is necessary to acquire skills that respond to needs and reality, in which we live interconnected and dependent on the developments outside us.

The head of Albanian diplomacy assessed that we need to organically integrate into our daily work, a new vision for the mission that was assigned to us.

The first panel was devoted to Albanian entrepreneurship abroad, globalization and expansion modalities. The discussion took place among the ambassadors and the Union of Albanian Producers, the Albanian Tourism Association (ATA) and the Fason Chamber, who brought to attention the importance of Albanian entrepreneurship and support it to be competitive abroad.

This meeting will last three days. The president will attend this meeting, as well.

During these 3 days, six panels will share ideas, concepts, practices and experiences. The aim is to identify, define, design and build together the path and the directions we will follow in terms of reshaping and strengthening the role of our economic diplomacy.

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