Minister of European Integration Ms. Klajda Gjosha meets MEP Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and MEP Mr. Eduard Kukan

Minister Gjosha: Concretization of Judicial Reform requires continuity of constructive political dialogue

MEPs: Necessity to implement the Judicial Reform with tangible results for citizens


Minister of European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha during the two-day visit to Brussels on 28-29 September, held meetings at the European parliament with MEPs Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and Mr. Eduard Kukan.

Both Euro-Parliamentarians praised the adoption of Judicial Reform by consensus, considering it as a big step forward in the path towards the European Union.

MEPs stressed out the necessity to implement this reform so it delivers tangible results for citizens.

In this context, Minister of European Integration Ms. Klajda Gjosha said that Albania is determined to concretize the implementation of the Judicial Reform through the integration process. Minister of Integration underlined the necessity for constructive political dialogue which serves to this process.

“This dialogue and positive will, indicated on the judicial reform, is crucial to continue for other laws too that are to be adopted, as it serves to all political parties but also to the future of the country”, Minister Gjosha said.

Minister Gjosha stressed that implementation of the judicial reform will take time but expressed her conviction that through Chapters 23 and 24, which are directly connected to the rule of law, its implementation would become more concrete.

“Therefore it is of a big importance for us too, the receipt of a positive recommendation on opening accession negotiations with EU for these Chapters, which in fact will be the first ones to open and last to close”, Minister Gjosha added.

Minister Gjosha said that Albania deserves a positive report by the European Commission and that receipt of the recommendation would be great best impetus to continue with state-building reforms which serve to the future of the country and citizens.

MEPs encouraged Albania to move forward with the integration process, underlining that this positive moment should be used accordingly for the country’s European future. 

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