Minister Xhaçka meets Germany’s Special Representative for Western Balkans: EU must invest strategically in our region, there is high potential for conflict

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, received in a meeting the German Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazin.
Minister Xhaçka emphasized that Europe must invest strategically in our region, as the potential for conflict in the Western Balkans is the highest it has been in the last 20 years.
According to Minister Xhaçka, concrete actions by the EU are necessary, starting from holding the first Intergovernmental Conference for Albania, to setting a clear and tangible vision of integration for each country in the region.
“The potential for conflict in our region, even before the start of the war in Ukraine, has been higher than ever in the last 20 years. The crisis caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the threats against all countries that have supported the economic sanctions on Russia, have increased the risk of destabilization of some countries in the region, likewise the inclusion in the list of non-friendly countries to President Putin of Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia made clear the objectives of Russia and its policy of interference in the Western Balkans,” said the Albanian chief diplomat in a press statement after the meeting.
On the other hand, Special Representative Sarrazin stated that the protection and consolidation of the EU as an area of ​​rights and freedoms is possible only with the inclusion of the Western Balkan countries.
“The Berlin Process clarified what hidden potential we learn from the cooperation of all six countries of the Western Balkans. Creating and guaranteeing the four fundamental freedoms of the EU in the region is of utmost importance for the whole region,” he said.
Manuel Sarrazin was appointed in February by the German Government as Germany’s Special Representative for the Western Balkans.
Sarrazin is the first German special representative to the region, as this position was not part of the previous German governments.
Minister Xhaçka mentioned that the appointment of a special representative from Germany is welcomed as a sign of attention and commitment to our region.

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