The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs conducts the promotional activity of the book "The truth about Noli"

Today, at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs was promoted the book  “The truth about Noli” written by the well-known foreign policy journalist, Entela Komnino. 

The diplomatic corps accredited in our country, high authorities of culture and media representatives attended the presentation of a special publication about the Albanian complex author, Fan Noli. Deputy Minister Etnjen Xhafaj in his greeting emphasized that The truth about Noli is based on the truth about Albania and Albanian culture. This is revealed from a journalistic, rhetorical, scientific and philological point of view by a publicist who has been active in television journalism for about 25 years, doctor of literary sciences.

“Fan Noli, who has served as Foreign Minister of Albania and Prime Minister as well, could be considered one of the greatest Albanian authors ever when he successfully asked the then US president Wilson to preserve the autonomy of the small country,” Deputy Minister Xhafaj emphasized.

In her address, the author of the book, the journalist Dr. Entela Komnino said that by referring to Fan Noli, we embrace a proper model in terms of the pan-Albanian discussion of Albanian values, although 100 years have passed since the time of his publicistic writings.

In this sense the path to understanding the truth of Noli is simultaneous with that of the truth of Albanian. The study of his journalism revealed that 'Albanian publicity at that time did all the functions of the failed Albanian state, rising to the authority of protecting Albania from destruction',- the author drew attention.

Based on the conclusions of the book, dr. Entela Komnino said that "a great part of the contribution to the preservation of Albania, comes from a cultural-publicist code in the writings of that period conveyed by Albanian language and unannihiliated by the enemies of the country".

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paskal Milo, historian as well, praised the study of Noli’s figure in a wider historical context than that of publicist and linguistic analysis. “These studies with new and concrete conclusions are necessary to recognize the real history of prominent Albanian contributions,”- Professor Milo highlighted. 

The well-known publicist Preç Zogaj also provided an insight into the contribution that the book of the author Entela Komnino's brings, both to the figure of Noli and the culture of Albanian language. According to him, the achievements of the book can be considered entirely new and uncommon discoveries in these areas.

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