Special meeting of the Delegation to the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee on parliamentary elections in Albania

On July 6th, the Delegation to the EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee held a special meeting in Strasbourg on parliamentary elections of Albania. Albanian Ambassador to the EU, Mrs. Suela Jania, Mr. Eduard Kukan in his capacity as head of the observing EP delegation, and Mr. Georg Ziegler Deputy Head of Unit for Albania and BiH in DG Near were invited to exhange views on the election process and political situation of the country.

Ambassador Janina thanked the EP delegation, headed by Mr. Eduard Kukan for the positive response to the election observation invitation and for his contribution within the International Election Observation Mission. The Ambassador briefed the MEPs on the pre-election process, the participation and the results of the elections by sharing with them our assessment that the objective of realizing free and fair elections was realized, evidencing the improvements that these elections brought in comparison with all previous elections not only in the legislative framework supplemented by the political agreement reached on 19th of May, but also in fulfilling the standards required by OSCE/ ODIHR.

MEPs, praised the development of peaceful, free and fair elections in our country. The meeting also discussed the issues that will be addressed in the recommendations that will emerge from the OSCE/ ODIHR final report, which our authorities will fulfill in an objective and timely manner.

Overcoming the successful test of free and fair election in accordance with OSCE/ODIHR standards along with the progress in implementing the justice reform is encouraging for the country's advancement towards the European integration process

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