Speech of Acting Minister, Gent Cakaj at the press conference with his counterpart Nikola Dimitrov

Thank you very much for passing the floor to me!

Hello to everyone!

First, I would like to thank my colleague, Minister Dimitrov, for his very cooperative approach and his extremely friendly conduct during my two day visit to North Macedonia and not only.

My visit to the Republic of North Macedonia is, however, far more than a symbolic visit. This visit is also an expression of the necessity of deepening bilateral relations in general and of the evident need to enhance cooperation in the framework of the European integration process in particular.

The Republic of North Macedonia is not just a neighbor country imposed by the occasional geographic circumstances, but a friendly state and strategic partner with whom relationship is cultivated through the principles of open dialogue and effective co-operation.

During this period, Albania has fundamentally backed the Prespa Accord as an inspiring example of solving issues inherited from open context stories, and our Parliament has been among the first in the world, perhaps, that have approved the protocol of North Macedonia’s membership to NATO. Undoubtedly, Albanians of North Macedonia are also part of this success story; from the Ohrid Agreement to the Prespa Accord they have made an inalienable contribution as a state-forming and Europeanizing factor for the country.

As supporters of this process, we believe that North Macedonia’s membership in NATO and the common progress on the path to EU membership is an added value for the region’s development in general, cultivating peace and stability and strengthening inter-ethnic and interstate cooperation in particular.

Today, together with my colleague Dimitrov, we have discussed a number of issues and this conference is not the end of a meeting, but it is in fact the opening of many new cooperation opportunities.

We discussed the necessity of deepening bilateral relations, the need to implement in practice the agreements that come from the last joint meeting, as well as the need to organize this year’s joint meeting, the intergovernmental meeting.

Also, we have discussed the necessity of cooperation in the framework of the European integration process, we agreed to start exchanging expertise in the framework of the screening process and also to be a powerful voice of each-other in the process of opening negotiations.

We believe that our perspective is not only inseparable, but is also necessarily common when it comes to opening negotiations for EU membership in June this year. We have also confirmed the commitment and dedication that we will continue to cultivate excellent relations with each-other.

Naturally, I would like to mention the fact that we welcome the decision on the implementation of the Law on Languages, which we strongly believe will only strengthen coexistence and inter-ethnic co-operation and at the same time will crown the democratic character of this country.

Finally assessing the decision for opening of the Honorary Consulate in Manastir to be an example of strengthening bilateral relations on another level, I confirm my full commitment to further strengthen the excellent relations Albania enjoys with the Republic of North Macedonia .

Journalist: Mr. Cakaj, you were yesterday meeting with heads of the Albanian political parties here in Macedonia. What did you say to them and what message did you receive from them?

Minister Cakaj: Yes, I met yesterday with all the leaders of the Albanian political parties in North Macedonia; it was an exchange of very sincere and open thoughts about the general situation in the country and of course the necessity of further cooperation was emphasized to coordinate the activities and have a constructive role in general.

Journalist: Certainly, in this meeting you have talked about the situation in the region. How would you comment on the recently launched idea about the correction of borders between Kosovo and Serbia as a permanent solution between the two countries? The question is the same for both ministers.

Minister Cakaj: I think that is a question that should be asked to the institutions of Kosovo. Albania has to support the position of Kosovo in this process. We have a supporting role to the normalization agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. We consider that any kind of agreement should end with the mutual recognition that provides for a European perspective and promising UN membership for Kosovo. Meanwhile, the contents of the agreement and other attitudes obviously have to be discussed within institutional spaces in Kosovo and I am not up to a more substantial answer than that.

Journalist: You mentioned in your speech the Ohrid Agreement and the Law on the Use of Languages. Although the current government alleges that the with implementation of the law on the use of languages has been also implemented even the normative part of this agreement on the non-discrimination and equal representation of Albanians rights, for presentation both locally and centrally. What has Minister Dimitrov guaranteed and what has the government that he represents guaranteed in terms of their engagement in this regard?

Minister Cakaj: We are attentive followers of the political developments in North Macedonia, of course, and we are also in constant contact with the institutional representatives of this country and we encourage the full implementation of the Law on Languages and the materialization of the spirit of the Ohrid Agreement in general. That is what I can say at present.

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