Statement of Foreign Minister Bushati after the OSCE / ODIHR final report on the local elections of 21 June 2015


I would like to thank the OSCE / ODIHR mission on behalf of the Albanian Government for their cooperation and for monitoring the electoral process in Albania on 21 June 2015. 

Albania showed its willingness to accomplish a free, fair and transparent electoral process under the watchful eye of international observers, who responded positively to the invitation of the Albanian government to monitor domestic elections.

The final report of the OSCE / ODIHR identifies progress in comparison with previous electoral processes in the country, but it identifies also the gaps that need to be addressed. 

The report clearly highlights the commitment of the Albanian government, confirmed by the Prime Minister, to fully address these recommendations. 

Albania organized a peaceful electoral process where, as the report says, the election day was quite normal, and the election campaign itself was characterized by a positive and peaceful electoral climate. The active participation of minorities, the promotion at all levels of gender equality, and education and information programs made these election more inclusive in addition to providing a space that allowed everyone to be represented.

Beyond the obvious positive steps made by Albania, identification of gaps that remain to be addressed is for us a guide in order to take the necessary steps with a view to strengthening the electoral process in Albania, along with the best practices and commitments of the OSCE / ODIHR.

We appreciate the methodology of the Report, which contains specific recommendations for specific cases. These recommendations will enable us to take action for election management institutions in Albania, political parties and other stakeholders involved in this process. In this context, we express the concrete commitment of the Albanian government to cooperate with all the actors of electoral institutions in Albania, for the improvement and consolidation of democracy, as well as to take the necessary legal steps that will enable further the improvement of the electoral process in Albania. 

In addition, we welcome the representative of the OSCE / ODIHR in Tirana to discuss specifically how to translate recommendations in a clear action plan for all stakeholders involved in the electoral process.

The Albanian Government expresses its appreciation and gratitude to all those actors who contributed with their professionalism in the organization and smooth running of the electoral process, which marked a significant step forward for Albania.

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