Statement of Minister of European Integration, Mrs. Klajda Gjosha, on the Progress Report published by European Commission:


I want to make this communication, in order to provide additional information on the Progress Report submitted yesterday by the European Commission.

I share Commissioner Hahn’s opinion on the sustainable and continuous progress within the five key priorities, which assures us once again that the government of the country is fully aligned with the progress of the integration process.

This Progress Report consists in a new format and methodology, providing a concrete assessment of achievements for each priority, and at the same time, explaining clearly the work to be done to fulfill each key priority in order to open negotiations. 

I want to point out once again the achievements cited in the Progress Report, mainly related to the local elections of June 2015, where no incident occurred.

Progress has been made in the functioning of parliament, in particular by improving the transparency of laws, as well as inclusion in the legislative process.

Good progress and moderate has been made in view of creating an institutional framework for cooperation and consultation with civil society.

Good and moderate progress has been achieved in areas under Priority 1, public administration reform, in particular the adoption of the strategy for comprehensive reform and the adoption of a new Code for Administrative Procedures.

Progress has been made this last year as far as the judicial system is concerned, priority 2, namely the launch in November of the special parliamentary committee on judicial reform, which is developing and managing a comprehensive reform process.

The country has reached a higher level in preparing fight against corruption, priority 3. Progress has been made over the past year, especially with the adoption of anti-corruption strategy and action plan.

The country has reached a higher level in preparing fight against organized crime, priority 4. Progress has been made over the past year, by increasing cross-border police cooperation and the fight against drugs.

With regard to priority 5, the legal framework for the protection of human rights is broadly in line with European standards. The country has also a level of preparation regarding the freedom of expression, in view of which progress has been made during the past year.

Government reforms are also helping the economy of the country, as they are in the same line with the support given yesterday by the IMF for Albania.

Precisely, the economic criteria cited in the Progress Report: "Regarding the development of a functioning market economy, preparations for membership are in a moderate stage. The government has shown strong will to carry out reforms." Of course, here are quoted the two most important reforms, such as pension reform and that to improve the situation in the energy sector, by implementing policies that have improved the macroeconomic stability in a political environment with big challenges.

Regional cooperation has been assessed positively, and Albania has been described a constructive partner country in the region who builds solid bilateral relationships with other countries in the region aspiring to be part of the European Union.

In addition, with regard to the core issues of the EU, it is very important to do here a comparison among the countries of the region, especially those countries now negotiating with the European Union also for these fundamental issues related to the implementation of the rule of law, law enforcement, fight against corruption and organized crime. Albania is close to countries that negotiate with the European Union. This is a strong indication that Albania is addressing the fundamental issues raised by the European Union, which later will also facilitate our work to reach the next stage, such as the opening of negotiations.

But I want to share with you the fact that despite the achievements mentioned yesterday by the European Commission, the same achievements that I am presenting today, we will make a thorough analysis of all recommendations of this Progress Report. Of course, we are very aware that the country has a lot to do, beginning with judicial reform, which will be the main priority of our work. It started months ago and will continue until the completion of this reform, because this will be the key to the solution to other priorities related to corruption, organized crime or property issue. The latter has been mentioned in all Progress Reports on Albania during the past years, the solution of which will give a boost to the absorption of as much as possible foreign investment in the country, and will also open the road for the next phase of the country, the launch of negotiations.

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