Sweden’s strong support to EU enlargement and integration of Albania

Minister of European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha, welcomes the Swedish State Secretary for International Development Cooperation, Mr. Ulrika Modéer

Minister Gjosha:  Judicial reform, the most demanded by the international community and Albanians, paves the way for negotiations

Minister Gjosha: Albania determined to meet the 5 key priorities


State Secretary Modéer: Albania has made progress with reforms, we support integration. Sweden's support to 8 million per year investment


Minister for European Integration, Ms. Klajda Gjosha, received on 2nd of February, State Secretary for Development Cooperation of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden, Ms. Ulrika ModéerMinister Gjosha expressed gratitude on behalf of the Albanian government for the invaluable support that Sweden has provided throughout the years to Albania's integration process and, in particular, for obtaining the status of candidate country.

Interlocutors expressed readiness so that Albania and Sweden continue to strengthen their cooperation for the strengthening of European security parameters, thus responding to new global challenges, which threaten all democratic societies.

During the meeting they discussed the intensification of economic cooperation, increase of Swedish investments in Albania, progress of reforms and the country's 5 priorities that are left to be fulfilled, left by the European Commission.

After the meeting, Minister Gjosha and Secretary of State for Development Cooperation of Sweden, Ms. Ulrika Modéer held a joint press conference.

"I thanked Ms. Modéer for the attention that Sweden has paid to Albania and the Western Balkans, being the instigator of the enlargement policy and the development of our countries. Cooperation with Sweden has been and remains exceptional in many areas", said Minister Gjosha.

The Minister of Integration also stressed that Sweden has supported Albania through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, (SIDA) for the administrative and territorial reform, as well as support for reforms to improve performance in the Albanian Taxation Office, Statistical Office, Albanian Employment Service and also a number of other sectors.

Minister Gjosha said that Albania is committed to fulfill the five priorities and adopt the most demanded key reform by Albanians, which is the judicial reform.

"I really hope that in the coming months to have a political dialogue on the judicial reform, its approval in Parliament, because as I have always pointed out, Member States and Albanian citizens expect that through this reform Albania to pave the way for the opening of negotiations, why not within this year", said Minister Gjosha.

The State Secretary for Development Cooperation of Sweden, Ms. Ulrika Modéer said that Sweden is a long term partner of Albania in economic and environmental terms. Sweden is also one of the biggest contributors with around 8 million Euro investments in the year.

"On the other hand, I am happy to hear about the progress you have made and the progress you have shown with the 5 key priorities. Along with the European Commission we have been monitoring closely what Albania has made and, we support the EU enlargement as well as the integration of Albania into the European Union. So, among these reforms, the reform in the judiciary system is the most important one, that is required by European partners and Albanian citizens.. ", said the State Secretary for Development Cooperation of Sweden, Ms. Ulrika Modéer.

Ms. Modéer said that Sweden will continue to fully support Albania and in this context it will follow the progress of judicial reform.

Sweden supports Albania through the Swedish Strategy for Development Cooperation 2014-2020, where despite the global economic crisis, development projects in Albania remain intact and at the same level as in previous years.

Referring this strategy, Albania will be provided assistance for a 7- year period. Assistance will be oriented in three main directions: enhancement of economic integration with EU and development of market economy, strengthening of democracy, greater respect for human rights and development of the rule of law, on environmental issues and limiting the effects of impacts on environment and climate change.

According to the Swedish Cooperation Strategy for reforms in the Western Balkans for the period 2014-2020, the Swedish Government will allocate around 420 million Euros that runs as a form of assistance to the Western Balkans.

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