Young diplomat’s oath, Minister Xhaçka: There is no stability without meritocracy in the diplomatic service

14 young diplomats joined the Diplomatic Service today. The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, who was present at the oath of allegiance ceremony of the diplomats of the “Iliaz Vrioni” generation, expressed that the younger generation are becoming part of Albanian diplomacy in a remarkable time for the country.
“Today Albania’s foreign policy has achieved successes that once seemed impossible. From the OSCE Presidency to the mandate in the Security Council, where the performance of Albania has been really successful, I am sure that these are moments that will be discussed deeply in this ministry and among all colleagues who will join the service in the years to come”.
For the Albanian chief diplomat, meritocracy will be the basis of the foreign service.
“This performance cannot be sustainable if we do not manage to attract the best candidates in the diplomatic service and do not return to the principle of meritocracy. I strongly believe that by creating as much space for you, we are guaranteeing the future of the Foreign Service for the years to come. Therefore, I wish you many successes in the future and I assure you that if you work hard you will have a very strong support by me “, said Minister Xhaçka.
In the generation of young diplomats, the vast majority are women and young girls, while according to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, many of Albania’s representations in the world are leaded by women and girls.

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