Albania marks the beginning of its SEECP Chairmanship with the NY Ministerial

In the framework of the 69th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Minister Bushati chaired the Council of Foreign Ministers of member countries of the South-East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP). 
The meeting was attended by Foreign Ministers of 13 member states, Commissioner Füle, representatives of the Italian Presidency of the EU and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC). 

In this activity, for the first time, a delegation of the Republic of Kosovo was represented as a full-fledged participant.

The New York meeting constitutes a special moment, as it marks the beginning of the Albanian Chairmanship of the SEECP, the highest forum of cooperation for the South-Eastern Europe countries.

This meeting also served to present the priorities of the Albanian Chairmanship 2014 – 2015, namely: strengthening the regional role of the SEECP, promoting dialogue among member countries as a tool for the functioning of the SEECP, as well as consolidating vital sectors of the SEECP. The calendar of activities which will take place along the Albanian Chairmanship was also adopted during the meeting. 
The Albanian Chairmanship of the SEECP is a significant political-diplomatic commitment, which serves to further promote the role and policy of our country in the region and beyond. 

During our Chairmanship, several high-level meetings will be held in Tirana, which will be attended by heads of states / governments, parliament speakers, foreign ministers and other ministers, according to the priorities of our chairmanship. 

Moreover, a series of regional activities have been planned, with experts and representatives of civil society, the academic sphere and business community. 


Minister Bushati attended the meeting held by the Assistant Secretary of State, Mrs. Victoria Nuland, with representatives from the Western Balkan countries. This meeting aimed at coordinating the interaction to face the risk posed by foreign fighters.

During the meeting, Minister Bushati stated: "Albania is proud to be among the first countries to respond to this challenge and provide concrete contributions, alongside the United States, as part of the international coalition in the fight against ISIL". 

Mrs. Nuland expressed appreciation for the contribution provided by Albania, which is a clear proof of the preservation of stability, peace and prosperity in the war against terrorism and the protection of human rights, in our region and beyond. 
In the framework of the bilateral meetings held in New York, Minister Bushati met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee. During the meeting, both parties commended the excellent bilateral relations, which also carry a paramount strategic importance. 

Minister Bushati reiterated the commitment of the Albanian government to be a firm partner alongside the United States in preserving stability, peace and prosperity in our region and beyond, as well as fighting against terrorism and protecting human rights. 

On his part, Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Yee praised Albania's progress, its reforms to strengthen the rule of law, the economy and the advancement of Albania towards the European Union, reaffirming their support for Albania in all democratization and integration processes. He expressed appreciation for the concrete commitments and contributions of Albania alongside the United States in the international coalition against ISIL and praised Albania's commitment in a series of international challenges, as well as its dynamic and constructive role in the region.

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