Bilateral Relations

Albania and Greece have good neighborly relations. As NATO members and two countries sharing vital and mutual interests, they agree that relations between them are of strategic importance in the region.

Greece has supported and officially expresses support for Albania's integration process in the EU.

In compliance with the international law, the two parties appraise and commit to address the domestic legal framework and good neighborly relations, as well as all problems inherited from the distant or recent past, with a view to find well-accepted solutions for both parties.

Greece continues to be a very important economic partner of Albania. For years, it has been at the top of Albania’s list of partners in trade and foreign direct investments. A significant part of the economic and financial activity in Albania has been oriented towards it, thus enabling the economies of both countries to be strongly connected among them.

The Greek minority in Albania and the community of Albanian immigrants in Greece constitute strong bridges of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

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