Bushati at the 25th OSCE Ministerial Council: Albania, committed to continue contributing to peace and stability in the region

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati is attending the 25th meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan. The Foreign Ministers discussed the role of OSCE as an important organization of security and co-operation with the common objective to join efforts in resolving conflicts and addressing the challenges faced today by security and stability in the OSCE space.

During the morning session, Minister Bushati underlined that Albania fully supports the priorities of the Italian Presidency presented at the beginning of this year, to strengthen OSCE capacities and its pro-active approach to national and international security, economic co-operation and environmental, political and military dialogue and respect for human rights. Albania will continue to provide its valuable contribution not only to the implementation of peace and stability in the Balkan region but also throughout the OSCE region, said Bushati.

He underlined the need to reconstruct trust and constructive dialogue to face critical and complex challenges such as conflicts, violent extremism, terrorism, cyber threats, immigration flows, organized crime, or even barriers to economic development.

In his remarks Minister Bushati pointed out that “Such transnational threats require, at all costs, a greater transparency and predictability. Trust and constructive dialogue are necessary to enable us to share more information and tackle together the current and future challenges in the OSCE area”.

The Foreign Ministers exchanged also their views on strengthening the OSCE capabilities as well as respective contribution for the promotion of co-operation among the OSCE countries and the need to establish a common dialogue and responsibility in respecting the principles and the unity of the Organization.

During the proceedings of the Milan Ministerial Council, Minister Bushati held several bilateral meetings with high representatives of OSCE institutions as well as with counterparts present in Milan.


Speech by Minister Ditmir Bushati at the OSCE Ministerial Council

Mr. Chair, Dear Enzo,

Secretary General,

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I will start by congratulating the Italian Chairmanship for the excellent hospitality and for the outstanding contribution in leading the OSCE through 2018 and making the Mediterranean a priority as well as for embracing the 360 degree understanding of security in our OSCE area. Our joint commitment to preserve the European Security has been tested in many  ways in the last few years, despite the principles and commitments agreed in Helsinki and Paris.

Firstly, the de-escalation of the situation in and around Ukraine must be of outmost priority for all parties involved. So must be the resolution of other conflicts in our OSCE area. The use of force and violation of international law, at the expense of dialogue, should not be accepted. Secondly, we are increasingly facing critical and complex challenges like violent extremism, terrorism, cyber threats, major refugee and migrant flows.

Challenges, which require effective multilateral solutions, comprehensive dialogue and rebuilding trust. Also, at the face of these security threats, our cooperation is enabled by greater transparency and predictability.We may not always be able to transcend our differences, and we know that trust has become a rare commodity among us. However, our efforts towards restoring the European security order should be infused by the Vienna spirit of cooperation, dialogue, understanding and trust. In this context, we are pleased to see some progress in rebuilding trust through the Structured Dialogue or through other conflict resolution formats.

Field operations and the OSCE autonomous institutions are significantly important. They have an impact on the stability, security and prosperity of the region and are already trademarks of the work that OSCE is doing. Lastly, our shared responsibility is based on the respect for the Organization’s principles and unity. It is our common responsibility to adopt decisions that empower this Organization with all resources needed to continue carrying out its responsibilities in an efficient way. Only in this way, we can thrive for stability, peace, and prosperity in the OSCE area.

Positioned in the interface of the concentering region such as Mediterranean and Western Balkans, Albania has an enhanced awareness of  the common security challenges such as terrorism, radicalization, illegal migration and undervelopment but also to unresolved issues and a high level of mistrust between various parties. Being a country with a clear and a strong Euro-Atlantic vocation, we also understand well the implications of the securities challenges steaming from our interrelated regions for the security entire continent.

We are worried about the deteriorating security situation in the Western Balkans, where unresolved bilateral relations and inward looking and at times nationalist rhetoric undermines efforts to restore stability and security and take parties away from the reconciliatory path. It is in this particular context, that we see the vital importance of making the best of the OSCE as a platform for dialogue, all inclusiveness as well as  for  enhancing constructive engagement with and strengthening trust between all actors.

Albania will continue to render its valuable contribution in enforcing peace and stability in the region of the Western Balkans, and pledges to use this contribution and capacity for constructive dialogue and cooperation to the benefit of security of the whole OSCE area. In this connection, Albania will continue to support the Slovakian upcoming chairmanship and the Secretariat in finding the best ways and practices to better respond to the priorities of the participating States and the organization as a whole.

Dear Enzo,

Once again, congratulations for the remarkable leadership of the Italian Chairmanship during 2018. Full support also to our Slovak friends and their upcoming chairmanship. Looking forward to be part of the upcoming Troika.

Thank you,




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