Bushati - Gabriel: Germany's support, a transformative role for our country

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati received today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs his counterpart from the Federal German Republic Sigmar Gabriel.

Ministers discussed the dynamic of bilateral relations, especially in the economic field, highlighted Germany’s continuous support on our country’s integration process, as well as exchanged views on the situation in the region, Albania’s role in this context and facing common security challenges.

“We had fruitful talks on a wide range of issues for which cooperation and interaction are necessary between our two countries. We are all aware of the quality and special dynamics that we have achieved so far between Albania and Germany, which can be proved not only by the level of trade exchanges and economic cooperation, but first and foremost by a new dynamic in terms of political cooperation, visits and contacts developed over these years.” Minister Bushati said.

Praising the German Government’s continuous contribution on the process of transformational reforms in Albania, Minister Bushati voiced: “On behalf of the Albanian government I would like to thank the German government for its political support but also for financing projects in the justice field, the rule of law in economy, as well for its qualified German expertise offered in this regard. Therefore, I would like to provide my assurances that Albania will move forward with the same willingness for the implementation of the justice reform, because we consider it an important stone on the foundations of the state-consolidation process and the country's membership in the European Union.”

Minister Gabriel assured that Germany will continue to support Albania, by accompanying it towards its European Union path. Underscoring the key role of the justice system reform on the country's European integration, Minister Gabriel stated that: “The justice reform is extremely important and the rule of law guarantees that citizens’ interests are in the spotlight. Only through its full implementation citizens will feel safer. We do not quite understand the parliamentary boycott and obstruction of justice reform. Rule of law means that the minority accepts the majority and should work to become a majority through legal means and elections. This is what we expect from countries seeking EU membership. Therefore, if parliament's boycott and obstruction of justice reform continue, the way to Europe will get longer and this mostly hurts the Albanian people”.

Calling not to hinder justice reform and the country's European integration, Minister Gabriel voiced that: “We have all welcomed the adoption by consensus of the constitutional amendments and now we notice that this reform is being hampered. What is required at this time is putting the national interest above party interests and above the interests of certain political and economic elites trying to prevent the country's path towards the EU”.

Talks between the two ministers also highlighted the fact that Albania and Germany share common view on the fragile situation of the democracies in our region. Ministers exchanged views on the priorities of the two countries within NATO, third actors’ interventions in the region and the need to interact more in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

During his visit in Tirana, Minister Gabriel held a special meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama.

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