The closing event of the initiative “Colours of Albania” was held at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

"Colors of Albania" initiative has become an annual tradition as a new form of promoting Albania, intertwining diplomacy with digitalization, youth with the promotion of the country, innovation with the old.

The Minister of Tourism and Environmental Blendi Klosi, the Minister of Cultural Mirela Kumbaro, the Norwegian Ambassador in Kosovo Per Strand Sjaastad, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in our country, and photography lovers attended this event.

In his address, Minister Bushati emphasized the importance of this initiative, which presents a real Albania full of life. He added that if you compare what is transmitted through media coverage, Assembly discourse and many other broadcasts to what is transmitted through the pictures of “Colours of Albania”, it seems like you live in two exclusionary realities. For Bushati, an image is worth a thousand words, so "Photos shot by ordinary people, Albanians or foreigners, offer proof of the efficiency of the Urban Renaissance program."

For the Norwegian ambassador, "Perceptions matter and that is the core of this project #ColoursofAlbania. As a result, diplomacy today is not only a struggle to improve our material situation and to development, but sometimes it changes all perceptions, narratives and ideas which in turn may create opportunities for economic growth, cooperation and progress."

For Minister Kumbaro #Colours of Albania is an activity on Albania’s most important diplomatic passport, which she owns, has had and will always have, and that is cultural diplomacy.

Minister for Tourism, Klosi underlined that the colours of the logo stand for an Albania which is willing to make progress in various fields in a sustainable way. It aims at providing sustainable and inclusive tourism and also an environment that goes hand in hand with the innumerous beauties of Albania.

In this edition, lots of pictures were taken from well-known places like Thethi, Dhërmi, Valbona to unknown ones, but with just as stunning charms as Vermoshi, Erzen Kanjonet, Mallakastra, Bënja or Shkopeti fields.

#ColoursofAlbania hashtag has been used 23 thousand times so far.  

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has organized the annual exhibition of the best photos from the "Colors of Albania". So far, these exhibitions have been held in the US (Washington, Boston, New York), Belgium, France, Germany, China, Hungary, Holland, Poland and will be expanded in other countries that are of interest to our country.          

The motto of this edition “Dare to take the road less traveled” is a verse taken from a poem by Robert Frost and was chosen to raise the interest of foreigners for our country.

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