Competition from the Bank of Albania: “Governor Award for the Best Diploma 2022”

The Bank of Albania invites all students to participate in the open competition with the theme “Governor’s Award for the Best Diploma 2022”, to compete with their scientific works.

The competition is dedicated to Albanian students who graduated during the period October 2021 - October 2022, at home and abroad, who are invited to compete with their scientific works in one of the issues of monetary and international economics, financial stability, issues of economic integration of the countries of Balkans in Europe, monetary policy and macroprudential policies of the Bank of Albania, fiscal policy and their role in the economy, the Albanian banking system, the behavior of individuals and firms in Albania, as well as aspects of the economy in general.

These works will be evaluated in three awards:

- 250,000 Lekë
- 200,000 Lekë
- 150,000 Lekë

Students who wish to apply for the Award must submit in electronic form (pdf) to the e-mail address, the following documents:

- A letter expressing the student's interest in competing for the Prize in question.
- Curriculum Vitae;
- Abstract and a brief summary of the main findings;
- The name of the subject leader and the relevant university/faculty;
- Full version of the thesis topic.

The deadline for submission of topics is October 31, 2022.

Good Luck !

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