Conference of Ambassadors 2016 to kick off today

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The Conference of Ambassadors of the Republic of Albania is the highest platform of discussion on foreign policy, an event where Albanian representatives in the world meet and share views with the highest authorities in the country, who exert influence on the design and orientation of our foreign policy.

The event will be attended by around 350 guests, among which ministers, MPs, European decision makers, as well as local and foreign scholars from the EU, US, Russia, Turkey, the region etc.

The conference aims at encouraging talks among diplomats, scholars, opinion-makers and decision-makers on the latest developments in the global, European and regional arena, in view of domestic developments and the improvement of diplomatic activity in general. It assesses the implementation of foreign policy in the political and technical aspect, and in offering services to Albanian citizens anywhere in the world.

Some of the most important issues to be addressed at this conference are Brexit, EU enlargement, trans-Atlantic relations, latest developments in the Western Balkan region, Berlin Process, NATO and national security, refugee crisis, energy security, economic diplomacy, crisis management, digitization of consular services, diaspora, training of diplomats and transparency.

This conference also serves as a moment to share experiences, highlight the best practices and analyze difficulties and shortcomings, as a mirror to establish a coherent and coordinated working platform.


This year's conference aims at:

•   Launching "Tirana Initiative", the high-level foreign policy forum initiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Ditmir Bushati, following the Paris Summit for the Western Balkans. "Tirana Initiative" is an instrument to coordinate regional efforts and concrete steps in the framework of the Berlin Process. 

•    Introducing representatives of the Republic of Albania to dynamics facing the current foreign policy and orientation of the main axes of its implementation.

•   Providing, through a wide range of foreign policy experts, a professional analysis of international developments and future trends as well a thorough analysis on possible implications for Albania.

•  Conducting a proper analysis of working methods, best practices of interaction, as well as opportunities and mechanisms utilized by the Foreign Service with a view to improving performance.

•    Publicly introducing the highlights of foreign policy in a two-year timeframe by spotlighting the work carried out to protect and promote our national interests. 


In particular, the Conference of Ambassadors conveys the idea that diplomatic activity is not indecipherable, but rather an undisputed part of all state activity; hence,  a clear public display of the way how diplomatic activity is directly related to the protection of the country and citizens’ interests.

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