Joining the UN Security Council, an historical event for Albania

Prime Minister Rama attended the reception organized in New York, on the occasion of the beginning of Albania’s mandate in the UN Security Council, one of the most important bodies of UN with maintaining peace and security among nations

The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Olta Xhaçka, the President of the UN General Assembly Abdulla Shahid, the Permanent Representative of Albania to the United Nations Ferit Hoxha, ambassadors of UN member states, representatives of the Albanian community in the US, etc.

The President of the UN General Assembly expressed his congratulations on the election of Albania as a member of the Security Council for the period 2022-2023.

“I have no doubt that Albania will further build its work on its long-term commitment to peace and security and on the history of its strong engagement with numerous United Nations bodies, to strengthen the work of the Council,” he said among other.

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, in her welcoming speech considered the mandate as a great responsibility and privilege for the country.

“For the first time, 66 years after becoming a member of the UN, Albania finally has the opportunity to sit at the UN Security Council. This is a great responsibility. This is undoubtedly a great privilege. But this is at the same time, a very special moment in the history of modern Albania which shows how far we have come and how much our country and our people have achieved. We come to the Council optimistic that even small countries can have an impact on issues such as Women, Peace and Security, Combating Violent Extremism, Human Rights and International Law, Climate Change and Security or on a more transparent and efficient cooperation between nations in the Security Council”, said Foreign Minister Xhaçka.

On his part, Prime Minister Rama in his remarks underlined:

“Joining the Security Council is an event of historical importance for Albania, which marks another cornerstone in our path of transformation to fulfill our aspirations as a nation and for us to contribute in making the world a better place for all. We are committed to bringing our voice, values ​​and norms to the joint work of the Security Council, as a contribution to peace. We want to share with others the experiences lived, the lessons learned. Our challenge is to make just what is strong and to make strong what is just. For an organ as powerful as the Council, not being just is not an option, so we must unite with justice, because there will not be peace without it.”

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