Minister Xhaçka meets Nikos Dendias: Focus on social security and consular issues to facilitate the lives of Albanians in Greece

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, meet in Tirana the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias.

Minister Xhaçka expressed her appreciation to Greece for its continued support in the process of European integration of Albania, while emphasizing that our country will continue to pursue an active, moderate policy, guided by the goal of a Euro-Atlantic regional integration.

“Albania and Northern Macedonia have met the conditions and hoping to find a solution between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, the hopes still remain for a decision during the French presidency of the EU,” said Minister Xhaçka at the press conference.

The meeting also focused on social security and other issues related to facilitating the movement and life of Albanian citizens in Greece. On the issue of delimitation of maritime zones, the two ministers reconfirmed their willingness to seek a compromise by referring the matter to the International Court of Justice.

“We believe and hope that constructiveness and goodwill to seek a mutually acceptable solution to an issue as difficult as maritime space can serve as an example of a constructive approach by which our friendly countries can begin discussions on other issues that we have rooted from the history and from the tragic period of the Second World War, such as the need to repeal the Law of War, or the issue of property rights and human rights of the Cham community “, said Minister Xhaçka.

On his side, Greek Minister Dendias said that Greece is ready to continue to provide technical assistance in the integration process, while emphasizing the importance of following up on the issue of delimitation of exclusive economic zones and the Continental Shelf in The Hague.

“The completion of this process is of great importance to us. The two countries want to resolve their differences under international law, and in particular the Law of the Sea, UNCLOS. At the same time, I think that beyond the importance it has for both our countries, it sends a very important message to all countries. “That is the right way, the only, appropriate, to resolve our disputes”, said Minister Dendias.

Greek Minister Nikos Dendias’s visit to Albania is part of his regional tour in the Western Balkans.

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