The 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Albania-Israel!

In the framework of the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations established between Albania-Israel, in cooperation with Israeli Sot on line media, which for more than 10 years promotes intensively the bilateral relations and activities of our Embassy  and the Embassy of Israel in Tirana, as well as the Embassy of Kosovo in Israel, following our diplomatic goal to promote both our countries, we assisted in the publication of a series of interviews from Albanian and Israeli  Ambassadors over the years.


The collage of interviews with former Albanian Ambassadors who have served in Israel and their counterparts in Tirana, started with the first Ambassador Dashnor Dervishi accredited to Israel, continued with Charge d'Affaires Qirjako Kureta and will continue with Ambassadors Tonin Gjuraj. 

The publishing materials have taken place not only on the official website of Israeli Sot portal, but also in the Israeli media with a significant number of followers in the country.


From the Israeli side, the first interview was given by the first resident Ambassador David Cohen, which will be followed this week by the interview of the former non-resident Ambassador Armira Arnon.


AJC Director Avital Leibovich and Robert Singer, CEO of Jewish Impact, will also contribute with their memoirs shared in this media.


Through our collaboration with the pianist Almira Emiri, whom together with the Israeli soprano Sivam Rotem, under the umbrella of the Municipality of Tirana and the Embassy of Israel in Tirana, ​​will be organized the festival "Israel Albania Culture Festival".


Below, the relevant links of some of the main interviews published on the Israel Sot portal, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the  Albania-Israel diplomatic relations.


Nga Qirjako Kureta, ish- i ngarkuari me punë a.i. i Shqipërisë në Izrael, në periudhat tetor 2006 – shtator 2007 dhe nëntor 2009 – mars 2011 në Ambasadën e Shqipërisë në Izrael.

• Dashnor Dervishi is one of Albania’s most famous diplomats and its first ambassador to Israel.

• David Cohen: The story on how the Israeli Embassy in Tirana was established in 2012

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