Albanian Diplomacy a key instrument to attract investments

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati said on Wednesday that if before the focus of diplomacy was on administering inter-governmental relations, diplomacy now is transformed to an instrument that promotes the country’s economic interests in particular, during his speech at the conference on “Challenges on Increasing Investments and Competitive Capacity of Albania’s Economy” hosted by Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana.

FA Minister Bushati said that in order to achieve a successful and efficient diplomatic economy to increase the trade and investment volume in Albania our aim is to focus on advancement of economic interests, promoting areas of priority, urging and negotiating bilateral relations to fulfil the legal framework as well as establishing partnership contacts and harmonising departmental interests to national priorities.


In this context, FM Bashati emphasised that diplomatic representations will serve as key contact points to strengthen economic development while praised Prime Minister’s request to re-dimension the concept of economic diplomacy in order to endorse a principal role to support economy and entrepreneurship.


“The aim is to transform Albania’s diplomatic representations to key contact points to economic development both, to attract foreign investments and to promote Albanian exports under “Made in Albania” brand,” FM Bushati said.


Ultimately, Minister Bushati added that entrepreneurs are the best ambassadors to represent Albania as well as a role model to showcase and to successfully implement their projects.

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