President Meta invited by Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast


President Meta has been invited by Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast to participate in the JPB event with a greeting message via a video clip addressed to hybrid JPB, to the participants from the Israeli government and the JPB online delegates.
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Balkan Forum Against Antisemitism 
The Parliament of the Republic of Albania in partnership with Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) to host the first time ever the Balkan Forum Against Antisemitism.
Wednesday, October 28th
Robert Singer Chair of the Board of Trustees of World ORT

Strategic sectors and several fiscal incentives regarding Albania


The package of the main laws and by laws on investments form a stable basis for business and investment activities in the Republic of Albania. The laws provide companies and investors with a framework for the establishment of business, with the rules for the protection of competition and the general prospects that the Albanian state offers to foreign citizens or foreign companies which perform economic activity in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

Meeting with the head of the Israeli company Nimrod Yaron & Co Israeli and International Taxation


Ambassador Canaj held a meeting with the head of the Israeli company Nimrod Yaron & Co Israeli and International Taxation, during which they discussed ways of cooperation to facilitate tax procedures for businesses and investors interested in entering the Israeli and Albanian markets. Albania and Israel enjoy a growing cooperation in the fields of agriculture, tourism, infrastructure investments, call centers, etc.

Happy New Year 5781 to all Jewish people in the world!


Albanian Embassy Wishes you a happy and sweet New Year 5781!
‎אני מאחל לכם שנה טובה ומתוקה





Netanyahu: Kosovo to be first Muslim-majority nation to open Jerusalem embassy


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that not only would Kosovo recognize Israel but it would open an embassy in Jerusalem, becoming the first Muslim-majority nation to do so.

Working visit at Active Implant


Together with the Director for the Balkans Dan Oryan at the Israeli MFA, Ambassador Canaj paid a working visit to the headquarters of the largest Israeli-American company in the field of health care, Active Implants, in the city of Natanya. The meeting was attended by the company’s Vice President Eran Ganz, and CeO for Commercial Operations, Haim Becker. The two representatives of "Active Implants" proposed cooperation with the network of American hospitals operating in Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Greece.

Virtual Meeting between AJC/CeO David Harris and Minister of Diaspora Pandeli Majko


With the aim to intensify the cooperation with the structures of AJC, a virtual meeting was held between the Minister of State for the Diaspora of Albania, Pandeli Majko with the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) / New York, David Harris, and the Director of AJC / Jerusalem Avital Leibovich as well as with the representatives from the Albanian diaspora in America, etc. This virtual meeting was organized by the Embassy of Albania in Israel.

CeO of the Israeli-Japanese company AID Genomics in a Zoom-Meeting with Ambassador Canaj


The CeO of the Israeli-Japanese company AID Genomics held today a Zoom-Meeting with Ambassador Canaj.

The purpose of this virtual meeting was to find ways how to accessing the Albanian market for usage of laboratory technology for COVID-19 PCR testing, offered by AID Genomics, with headquartered in Hong Kong.



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