Bilateral Relations


Bilateral relations  2018


Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati to Israel in September. Participation of  Minister Bushati as 'Key Note Speaker' at the International Conference on Combating Terrorism, organized by the International Institute of Herzliya; meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu, MFA Director General, Y.Rotem, Minister of Regional Cooperation, T.Hanegbi, Defense Minister, A.Leberman, and the meeting with the head of the opposition, former MFA, T.Livni, CEOs of two of the American-Jewish lobbying agencies, the most reputable and influential, AJC, American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress (David Harris and Robert Sigler), and interviews in printed media and televisions, made a very positive impact on future cooperation projects with Israel and lobbying agencies in the US.


The visit of the Minister of Tourism, Bledi Klosi, to Israel in February and the participation of Albania at the International Tourism Fair, held in Tel Aviv in February 2019. During this visit, apart from the presentation of Albania, its tourist attractions, mutual recognition among tour operators, was discussed and settled as well with the ISRAIR Company, the launching of the Charter Tel-Aviv-Tirana direct flights. This visit provided two priorities: the launching of this direct flight line for the June-October tourist season and the ALBAWINGS line from Tirana-Tel Aviv for April-September, which enabled the Israeli tourists to increase the turnover in more than 120% compared to 2017. (13,780 Israeli tourists visited Albania by the end of November).


Visit of Agriculture Minister Niko Peleshi to Israel in May. Visit was focused on concrete achievements at the Agri-Teck International Fair where 6 Albanian agro-agriculture companies established business contacts with Israeli counterparts and between the two Ministries of Agriculture. As well as, was proposed the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding in the sectors of greenhouse management, specialization, joint investments in scientific research in agriculture and forestry, and the field of waters, which will be signed during 2019.

Visit for the first time in the history of the Defense Minister in Israel, Olta Xhacka, in May 2019. Were organized visits and meetings with the highest officials of Defense, National Security Council, Intelligent Services Agency, MOSSAD , or the Israeli Military Industry, materialized with the proposal to sign a MoU between the two defense institutions, which will materialize in 2019. After this visit, 4 operators of this military industry, started contacts with the MoD of Albania to provide Israeli assistance and experience in border management with drones; data on migrants' and movements in transboundary areas.


Two visits by Albanian-Israeli Friendship Group Speaker, Blerina Gjylameti and Parliament Speaker, Milva Ikonomi, in May and July, invited by the Israeli Parliament, Knesset in the framework of international activity: Women Leader between the two countries, exchanges of experiences between the groups of friendship, and the presentation of the top Albanian woman figure and their role in the international arena.


Visit of Avital Leibovich Director of AJC /Jerusalem, visiting Tirana and Prishtina meeting governmental officials of both countries with the view to strengthen bilateral relations and ties with Albanian factor and AJC network.



Bilateral relations with Israel  2017


In the framework of Albania's Day in the Israeli Parliament, in January 2017, a delegation of the Albanian Parliament, chaired by the Vice Speaker of the Parliament and the Speaker of the Israel-Albania Friendship Group, Valentina Leskaj, visited the country.

Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati's visit and his speech at the University of Bar Ilan, February 2017.

Visit of the Minister of Economy and Tourism, Milva Ekonomi, February 2017.

Visit of the Berat Municipality delegation to the Municipality of Karmeli (February) and Karmieli in Berat (July).

Yad Vashem Archives General Director's Visit to Tirana, (June).

Visit of the President of Hebrew University and leaders of Haruv Institute in Albania, (July).

Visit of the delegation from the Assembly of Albania who participated in the seminar organized by Knesset. (July).

Visit of Tirana Mayor to Israel, (September).


Diplomatic Consultations Between Two Foreign Ministries, (December)

During 2017, the below mentioned agreements were signed between Albania and Israel;

The Twinning Agreement between the Municipality of Berat and the Municipality of Karmeli, (February)

MoU between Marin Barleti University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, (July).

MoU was signed between "Yesh Albania" and the Agricultural University for managing the greenhouse system of this University. (June 2017).

The second round of consultations on the Agreement on the Deduction of Double Taxation took place. June 2017.

 In the framework of economic diplomacy and intensification of business contacts in this sector is considered as a priority. We have updated the presence of Israeli business in Albania and lobbied for the opening of the Albanian market to Israeli entrepreneurship. Likewise, contacts between business communities in both countries have intensified. Over 43 Israeli companies operate in the Albanian market and have recently entered businesses in the area of ​​energy monitoring, water supply and sewerage management, call center, online financial platforms and wholesale trade in the field of construction and the management of greenhouses, pharmaceuticals and two specialized corporations have presented feasibility studies in the hospital field: for emergency concessions, laboratories and radiology.


Business contacts were also intensified in the area of ​​cyber defense and banking data security. 6 Israeli companies have provided partnerships in the field of security, social network monitoring and border management.


Bilateral relations with Israel  2016


We realized, for the first time, the visit to Albania, the Israeli Parliament Speaker Yuli Edelshtein. Likewise, the participation of representatives of the Parliament of Israel at the Annual Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, held in Tirana in March 2016. Visited Israel Minister of Internal Affairs, Elona Gjebrea and was organized for the first time a parliamentary panel on human trafficking issues. The Minister of Health, Ilir Beqaj made an official visit in the framework of concretizing the bilateral agreement in the field of health, signed by the 2 Prime Ministers in December 2015. The General Director of the State Archives held a working visit to Israel to discuss with the Yad Vashem Museum about Digitalization Archives.


During 2016, three agreements between Albania and Israel were signed;


MoU between the Polytechnic University of Tirana and the University of Tel Aviv (April).

Agreement between the State Archives of the State and the Yad Vashem Museum, (October).

MoU between the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA and the Center for Strategic Studies Begin-Sadat (Besa), at Bar Ilan University (November).

City Council of Karmiel approved the twinning agreement with the city of Berat, which will be formally signed in February 2017.


Bilateral Agreements between Albania and Israel

(November 2015)


1.    Agreement between the Government of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel on the cooperation in the fields of education, culture and science, signed in 28.11.1993.

2.    Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel for the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments. Signed in 29.01.1996, entry into force in 18.02.1997.

3.    Agreement on cooperation in the field of veterinary medicine between Government of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel, signed in 08.01.2001.

4.    Agreement between the Government of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel on the cooperation in the field of agriculture, signed in 08.01.2001, entry into force in 03.02.2004

5.    Agreement between the Government of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel on trade and economic cooperation, signed in 08.01.2001, entry into force in 01.06.2004.

6.    Agreement between the Government of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel on the cooperation in the field of plant quarantine and protection, signed in 08.01.2001.

7.    Memorandum for the establishment of consultation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, signed in 09.03.2006.

8.    Air service agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel, signed in 11.05.2006, entry into force in 16.04.2007.

9.    Agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the State of Israel on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic service and national passports, signed in 22.10.2007, entry into force in 27.07.2008.

10.Memorandum of Understandingfor the exchange offinancialinformationinthe field of preventionof money launderingand terrorist financingbetween thefinancialintelligenceunits, signed in 31.07.2011.

11.Memorandum of Cooperationfor cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection between the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Albania and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the State of Israel, signed in 17.11.2011.

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