CeO of the Israeli-Japanese company AID Genomics in a Zoom-Meeting with Ambassador Canaj

The CeO of the Israeli-Japanese company AID Genomics held today a Zoom-Meeting with Ambassador Canaj.

The purpose of this virtual meeting was to find ways how to accessing the Albanian market for usage of laboratory technology for COVID-19 PCR testing, offered by AID Genomics, with headquartered in Hong Kong.


AID Genomics Limited ("AID") is a multinational company that offers the latest technology and products in the field of R&D (Research & Development), and has a "genomic" laboratory in Israel. Focuses on precision medicine for the treatment of terminal diseases such as cancer or infectious diseases. AID also operates in Japan, Hong Kong, USA as well as other Asian countries.


 AID is the main contractor of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense of Israel, in the national testing of COVID-19. AID Genomics is managed by AID Group.

During the on-line presentation, the CeO of this company proposed the provision of these mobile laboratories in Albania, for COVID-19 testing, in hospital facilities or abroad, at airports, etc., and provided guarantees on the necessary expertise and resources owened by his company for setting up these Infectious disease testing labs and (Mobile border solutions), for infectious diseases, which can be built in a record time of 21 days, in the country of interest.


Appreciating their interest to enter the Albanian market, Ambassador Canaj welcomed the proposal in question and offered the readiness to speed up with procedures to concretize such an investment in Albania

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