On the Holocaust Remembrance Day remembering the victims and the savors in a Ceremony devoted to one of Albanian family righteousness among the nation Kristina Kona

As we are marking Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, it is an opportunity to share testimonies of Holocaust Survivors and to also address antisemitism today, the danger of rise of conspiracy theories, and the Shoah remembrance. We have to remember today with a sense of deep responsibility the 6 million Jews killed on European soil in the Holocaust, and in the meantime as Albanians we stand proud of sheltering and protecting all our Jews and also hosting others who came to Albania to hide during the darkest hours of humankind.    
It is our collective duty to make sure that the horrors of the Holocaust are never forgotten
On this occasion Ambassador Canaj participated in the memorial wreath laying ceremony organized by YAD VASHEM, within the project "Last Act of Grace" that immortalizes righteousness among the nations. This particular ceremony is devoted to one of Albanian family righteousness among the nation, namely Kristina Kona in a special event in Carmel. The event was attended by family members, Albanian -Jewish community in Carmel and Deputy Mayor of the city hall, as well the Chairwoman of Albanian Jewish Community Felicita Jakoel etc.
Kristina Kona and her family gave shelter to Arditti Family, Moshe, Stella and their two babies Silvia and Elena at their home in Tirana. Through they knew the consequences that could happen if they will be caught, they had to force the Jewish family to stay with them, despite their reluctance to stay, for not risking the lives of their savors.
There are many more remarkable stories like this.
The horrors of the past must never be forgotten,
Albania stands against any traditional and contemporary forms of anti-Semitism, including recent conspiracy theories against Jews. Albanian Parliament adopted the IHRA definition on anti-Semitism in October 2020 and many educational institutions in the country followed it. We will always continue to fight anti-Semitism and other hate crimes.

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