Meeting with TOM - Tikkum Olam Makers!

Ambassador Canaj participated in the ceremony organized at the residence of the French Ambassador, Mr. Eric Dannon where he met with the founder of TOM - Tikkum Olam Makers, Mr. Gidi Grinstein. TOM is a worldwide non-governmental organization focusing on humanitarian, philanthropic and financial support to communities in need (to help vulnerable people, the disabled, the elderly and the poor), based on 4 models: 1. Identification of the challenges of neglected people; 2. Meeting the challenges for people with disabilities and the disadvantaged; 3. Creating prototypes that provide affordable solutions for people with disabilities; 4. Improving the processes of these prototypes digitally and through the Internet.


The purpose of the meeting was to bring these methods in Albania, to university systems, high schools, corporations, community centers, etc.

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